Pulsar Photonics: Positive balance in the first year after it was taken over by the Schunk Group

  • Pulsar Photonics joined the Schunk Group a year ago
  • New possibilities for joint projects and synergy effects
  • Schunk Group allows strong growth in challenging times

Herzogenrath, 08/09/2022: Pulsar Photonics GmbH, a laser equipment specialist from Herzogenrath, strikes a positive balance for the first year after its takeover by the Schunk Group. The management board of Pulsar Photonics works closely and on a par with the general management of the Schunk Group to promote the growth of this specialist for ultra-short pulse laser technology.

Joint projects and synergies
Even in its first year, Pulsar Photonics implemented a joint machine project with Schunk Gerhard Carbon Technology, a specialist for laser-welded carbon fibres for automotive applications. Also, numerous synergies with other companies within the Schunk Group were established, for instance in the fuel cell, the Redox flow battery or processing ceramics fields.

Financial strength in challenging times
The Schunk Group allows Pulsar Photonics to continue developing its innovative laser micromachining solutions, in particular in the ultra-short pulse field, and helps the company, which was founded in 2013, to develop new business fields.

Pulsar Photonics GmbH has recorded a high increase in order volume in this business year. Against the background of the COVID crisis and the continuing shortages of supply, the company profits specifically from the strong financial support of the Schunk Group to cushion increased warehousing costs and maintain the delivery capability of the company. Accordingly, Pulsar Photonics can ensure strong growth in challenging times.

Dr. Stephan Eifel, founder and managing director of Pulsar Photonics GmbH: “Integration into the Schunk Group was an important step for the success of our company.” We work hand-in-hand with the general management at Schunk, who give us the flexibility and commercial freedom we require to further develop our products and expand our business fields. In addition, we also profit from a partner that understands, mechanical engineering in all its complexity, its sales structures and the required infrastructure. In particular, we should highlight the excellent working relationship with the Schunk subsidiary OptoTech that has offered us a considerable amount of support.

Pulsar Photonics
Pulsar Photonics GmbH is an innovative high-tech company in the field of laser technology. Its range of services includes the development, production and distribution of laser machines for material processing with short and ultra-short pulse lasers. A second core competence of the company is the integration of tooling and measuring systems for material processing, adapted to the specific requirements of the application. Besides its expertise in system development, Pulsar Photonics is also a competent partner for single-part and series production with (ultra-)short pulse lasers. Its core processes focus on structuring, drilling and precision cutting.

Founded in 2013, Pulsar Photonics GmbH is one of the fastest growing companies in Europe, according to the Financial Times and Statista. Pulsar Photonics has been part of the Schunk Group since 2021. More information under www.pulsar-photonics.de. and www.schunk-group.com.

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