Laser micromachining with ultra-short pulse lasers

Laser job shop and application development


Laser micro drilling

Precision drilling with different drilling technologies


Laser micro structuring

Surface processing with highest precision


Ceramics processing with ultra-short pulse laser

Fine cutting, structuring and drilling


Friction reduction
in seals

Surface functionalization by laser micro structuring

Nano structuring

Functionalisation in the sub-µm range

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Laser contract manufacturing

Pulsar Photonics is a competent partner for application development and contract manufacturing with ultrashort pulse lasers. In our job shop, every day we develop new laser processes for our customers on our own laser machines and support them from feasibility to product development and series start-up through to large-scale production.

application development - from feasibility study to full scale production

OUR Laser processes



Microdrilling with laser radiation enables contact-free and force-free machining of all materials with high precision.


Laser processing with an ultrashort pulse laser allows microstructuring of surfaces with very high precision.

Laser fine cutting

The ultrashort pulse laser allows flat materials to be cut precisely and with high edge quality.

Surface functionalization

With the ultrashort pulse laser, surface properties of components can be specifically influenced.

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