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360° Digitisation at Pulsar Photonics

360° Digitisation at Pulsar Photonics Herzogenrath, April 6, 2023: Pulsar Photonics, the laser technology specialist from Herzogenrath, is making strategic investments in the digitalisation of the company. The investments include IT hardware, database technologies, assembly and ERP systems as well as software tools for process automation.Dr. Joachim Ryll, one of the managing directors of Pulsar… Mehr lesen

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Laser systems drive the productive future

Laser systems drive the productive future The EU infrastructure project NextGenBat has ambitious goals: to significantly increase the performance of mobile energy storage devices such as batteries by employing new materials and laser-based manufacturing processes. To reach these goals, the partners are using an approach that will run laser machining processes in parallel. With special… Mehr lesen

ATSM-Prozesskopf in der Testkammer, vor Ort bei ELB


Optical module and control software for the laser-based production of tribological multi-layer systems Tribological layers effectively protect heavily stressed components against wear and reduce friction. These layers are normally produced in kiln processes. The substrate is exposed to an increased thermal load, but the process results in a mixing of the individual layers. In the… Mehr lesen

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