Optikmodule für die Lasermaterialbearbeitung

Prozessoptimierung durch Strahlformung


Optikmodule für die Lasermaterialbearbeitung

Prozessoptimierung durch Strahlformung

Kundenspezifische Optiksysteme

Entwicklung kundenspezifischer

Vom Optikdesign bis zum prozessvalidierten Optikmodul


Strahldiagnose & Strahllagestabilisierung

Volle Prozesskontrolle durch Strahlüberwachung

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Optical modules for laser material processing

Pulsar Photonics develops and builds complex optical systems for laser material processing. Based on our modular system for beam guidance, beam shaping, optics, actuators and software, machine-integrated optics modules for laser material processing are created. The modules are optimized in their design and functionality to meet the requirements of the respective laser process.

The economic efficiency of the laser process plays a decisive role in many applications. With our MultiBeamScanner (MBS), we offer a system with wich processes can be massively parallelized by means of diffractive beam shaping. This allows processes to be scaled effectively and existing resources to be used optimally. With the Microscan, we are addressing the trend towards ever higher structure resolution. Strahllagestabilisierung is the basis for high stability and reliability in demanding laser processes.

For kundenspezifische Anforderungen, Pulsar Photonics develops customized optical modules for novel and complex tasks. Thanks to a high level of process expertise and many years of experience, complex optical systems can be tailored and optimized for every laser application. In our extensively equipped test laboratories, the optics are qualified directly in the laser process and machine environment.

Make use of our extensive expertise in the field of system technology for laser material processing!

Process scaling through parallelization of the laser process

Multibeam scanner (MBS)

Processing head for parallel processing using diffractive beam splitting for highly productive applications

Flexible beam splitting and beam shaping for optimizing and scaling laser processes

Flexible beam shaper (FBS)

Processing head for flexible beam shaping and beam splitting based on spatial light modulators.

Microscan-Extension (MSE)

Special optics for ultra-high-resolution scanning and for processing extremely small geometries with a small laser focus.

Custom solutions

Custom optical systems

We develop customer-specific and application-optimized optical systems for laser material processing for you

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