Laser machine RDX 800

The FLEXIBLE laser processing center
Modular & High Performance

Multi-level laser processing with up to two process heads

Processing range up to
1000 mm x 400 mm x 250 mm

Degree of automation of the plant can be extended.
From manual to fully automatic.

RDX 800 machine for industrial, high performance & complex production

The RDX 800 laser machine is a further development of Pulsar Photonics’ RDX series, designed in particular for laser processing with multiple process heads in one system. The machine offers installation space for the integration of large-format powerful laser sources.

It features two workstations and long axis travel for the use of fixtures, beam shaping systems, measuring equipment and automation solutions.

The RDX800 is powerful in the repeat production of component variants and is already ideally prepared for the switch from manual
manual repetitive manufacturing to automatic production. For reduced machine operation, multi-stage process sequences and multi-stage process sequences and setting parameters can be saved as complex recipes at the push of a executed as complex recipes at the push of a button.

The RDX800 is used for serial productionof small-format components, e.g. in batch production of sensors. The large traverse range and the integrated measuring technology allowautomatic detection and productive automatic machiningin one clamping. For 2.5D tube machining or set-up machining, the XY axis system is extended by a precise turning and swiveling unit (AB axis).

The machine tool of the RDX 800 series thus addresses demanding users from the industrial single-part and small-batch production.

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RDX 800
Basic machine RDX800*

The basic RDX800 machine consists of the following components, which comprises the minimum scope of a laser machine:

  • Machine frame (Supporting welded steel structure, machine bed made of natural stone, powder coated steel sheet cladding)
  • Cartesian axis system XYZ (Travel range: 1000mm ×400mm XY, 2 x 400mm Z1 Z2, accuracy
  • Control cabinet with machine control
  • Operator terminal (stand-alone or hanging on machine arm)
  • Emergency stop system for laser class 1
  • Interior camera for remote support

Typ. Specifications:

  • Installation area: typ. 5000mm x 4,000mm
  • Total weight: typ.