Microscan Extension – MSE-g1


High-resolution processing with beam diameters
below 5μm in IR + VIS

Enhance your laser machine into a microscan system

Compatible with a wide variety of galvanometer scanners

MicroSpot Scanning

With the Microscan Extension MSE Pulsar Photonics offers a simple but powerful extension for any galvo scanning system. By simply exchanging a conventional lens for the MSE-G1, the user can convert his system to a microspot scanning system. The combination of galvanometer scanner and MSE-G1 enables high-precision processing with a focus diameter of less than 5μm . This enables the production of the smallest components with unmatched accuracy and level of detail. We offer the system for both IR and VIS laser sources.


  • Microablation
  • Micro marking
  • Micro drilling (diameter a few µm)
  • Repair of electronics / displays

In combination with our own software “Photonic Elements” the full potential of this optics can be exploited and complex geometries and work processes can be generated automatically. he optics are available both as an extension to existing systems and as a stand-alone variant including a scanner .

Extension module with microspot optics

Application Examples

Production of micro-apertures

Micro-apertures with diameters up to 1.6µm

Micro drilling of thin foils

High-precision bores with
diameters of typ. 3 µm

High resolution micro marking

High resolution QR code with
Dimensions 300 µm x 300 µm

Electronic repair – micro ablation

Making isolation trenches in electronic circuits


Microscan Extension MSE-G1
Max. Dimensions: (L x W x H): 278mm x 105mm x 105mm
Working distance: > 20 mm
Scan field size: typ. 500µm x 500µm
– IR (1030-1070nm) + VIS (515-532nm)
– UV version on request
Spot sizes (for laser beam source with M²< 1.3):
– < 4 µm in the IR
– < 2 µm in the VIS
Fastening thread: M85x1 (standard galvo scanner)
Integrated collision protection
Only suitable for low average laser powers

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