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The company Pulsar Photonics

Pulsar Photonics is a real high-tech company and specializes in laser micromachining. We are passionate about making laser technology more efficient and easier for tomorrow! And that since 2013. At that time we seized the opportunity to use our first optical module – the Muti-beam scanner MBS – to build a company. The MBS is now a fourth generation product and remains unique on the market. We are still fascinated to see 100 laser beams drilling and structuring at the same time.

From the beginning it was also clear that customers can only be convinced of complex laser technology with well-machined components. And so we’ve been processing numerous components directly on behalf of customers since 2014. Meanwhile the contract manufacturing has become a separate division, in whose development we continue to invest!

Our machines and optical modules are in many laboratories of the larger research institutes and in production. We are happy to help secure jobs in production with precision, know-how, flexibility and throughput where we can help.

Pulsar Photonics has been part of the globally operating Schunk Group since 2021. The financial strength of Schunk and the existing networks of the technology group around the world open up new opportunities for Pulsar Photonics to further develop its cutting-edge technologies and to market them globally.

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Dr. Jens Holtkamp – Dr. Stephan Eifel – Dr. Joachim Ryll

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