Large aspect ratio microdrilling

Manufacture of nozzles by laser drilling with high aspect ratio

Component thicknesses up to 3mm , diameter ≤ 25µm

Aspect ratios up to 30: 1

Precision drilling with a large aspect ratio

Using special optics for spiral drilling, precise micro-holes can be made in components with material thicknesses of up to several millimeters. In combination with an ultra-short pulse laser, holes of the highest quality can be produced in almost any material.
Application examples are injection nozzles, spinnerets, vent holes and filter applications.

Achievable qualities

  • vertical bore walls
  • controllable conicity: +/- 5 °
  • Material thickness: up to 3 mm
  • Typical aspect ratio: up to 1:30
  • Bore diameter from 0.025 mm
Laser-drilled injection nozzle
Lasermikrobohren / Laserbohren / Mikrobohren / Wendelbohren Ultrakurzpulslaser
Matrix of laser drills


application development - from feasibility study to full scale production
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