Ultra-small drills

with the Pulsar MicroScan Extension

Manufacture of diameter micro-holes < 2 µm

Holes in Metals, plastics & ceramics

High reproducibility

Micro-bores at the limit of laser technology

In particular in measurement technology and in industrial separation, there is an increasing need for defined microbores in the single-digit micrometer range . With the microscan technology developed by Pulsar Photonicsbore diameters down to less than 2 μm can be produced in higher number of holes and with high reproducibility.
By using USP lasers, high-quality bores can also be produced in these size ranges.

Achievable qualities

  • Bore diameter to< 2 μm
  • Material thicknesses up to 50 μm
  • Number of holes: 1-10.000
  • Variation of the bore diameter depending on the application
  • Materials: Metals, ceramics, thin-film systems
Micro-drilling in a thin metallic layer
with a diameter of 1.6 μm (SEM image)


application development - from feasibility study to full scale production
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